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We're insect amber manufacturer, we can supply the best quality Real Insect Pendant to you. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty. Technological equipment, professional workforce, and precise QC inspection system ensure our Insect pendant to meet the all standard. We have been a leading manufacturer and exporter. We produce our Insect pendant using only high quality raw materials and employ many skilled engineers and technicians. High quality, best services and to make elegant bags including travel bags, and for promotion. Amber Insect Pendant .The clear insects inclusions can be seen in this adorable shape amber. .Amber Insect Pendant Hold the proof of the life that once existed and the miraculous substance that captured the life forms and took .
Insect Jewelry pendant identification beneficial bug flying beetle from Chinese factory. Insect Jewelry pendant made with real specimens. Amazing how beautiful these Insect pendant can be.
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  • insect amber jewelry Technological
    • Technological Process: Embalmment and Trimming of posture-Radiation of Polymers-Drying-Polishing-Assembling and Packing.
  • Add a bit of color and fun to your style with real insect and flower amber crafts. Now , the youngling love this special gift from mysterious china .
    • many kinds of insect inside
      • Insect pendant products :
    • Insect pendant Scorpion; Insect pendant Flower Bug; Insect pendant Spiny Spider; Insect pendant Crab ; Insect pendant Jewel Frog Beetle; Insect pendant Stone Chafer; Wasp Insect pendant; Chinese Green Chafer Insect pendant ; Red Legs Chafer r Insect pendant, Farting Ground Beetle Insect pendant etc.

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