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We're insect amber manufacturer, Insect Amber Jewelry is a kind of new and unique handicraft.With its crystal,Insect Amber Jewelry can show the beauty of natural insects perfectly.With unique look and various styles,Insect Amber Jewelry is not only a best choice of fashion gifts for people but also a treasure for collectors,The longer kept,the more valuable.
The Scorpion King series is our new products with adding a lot of colour inside.
These insect amber crafts can be unique be elegant promotion gifts.Fashionable and attractive Insect Amber Jewelry can bring you great profit at infinite market space.
We also offer HQ paper weight , key chain, Mobile phone chain, pendant, insect amber bracelets, desktop decorations etc. in potential price with nice packing ,Many kinds of real insecst paper weight in transparent polymeric materials like amber. They are promotional gifts and novelty decorations.The products of fluorescent can glow in dark.

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  • real insect jewelry Scorpion King
    • The Scorpion King series is our new products with adding a lots of nice colour inside.It has unique look and various styles.
  • Add a bit of color and fun to your style with real insect and flower amber crafts. Now , the youngling love this special gift from mysterious china . Each quality insect amber crafts can be given as a typical gift for your friends or kept for yourself .
    • Technological Process
      • Embalmment and Trimming of posture-Radiation of Polymers-Drying-Polishing-Assembling and Packing
    • supply Real insect jewelry crafts
      • These amber crafts can be elegant promotion gifts for the boss and your clients. Our experts can put your logo or marketing message inside the amber crafts. As a boss, you should choose some perfect gift for your clients . These insect crafts can be smart choice popular promotion gifts for business., you can choose different insect crafts for your different clients. We also make your logo embedded in these elegant crafts according to your own design.
    • These insect amber crafts can be unique gifts and educational specimens for kids and children. .And the specimens generally keep the bright color and lively shape . Our Teaching Specimen can show the beauty of natural insects and plants perfectly.
    • With years of development on high diaphaneity insect amber, we use advanced embedded technology , imported resin and perfect designs to make these magic insect amber with many kinds of insects embedded inside.
    •   Now more than 100 kinds of insects can be available These insect amber become the typical matter for young man . Every one would like to get his own style , showing his own taste, Now , the youngling love this special insect amber crafts from mysterious china . Now you don't have to leave your favorite insect behind.
    • These insect amber are warmly welcomed by worldwide clients because of their competitive quality in potential price.

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