RF Data Transceiver

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>Within the visual range, the reliable transmission distance can reach 800m;
>Carrier frequency: 433 MHz, or customization for 868M/915M or others;
>16 channels, expandable for 32 channels according to requirements of customers;
>Effective speed: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400bps;
>Interface : TTL level UART , RS-232/RS-485 , Interface format: 8N1/8E1/8o1 user-defined, or customization for other format interface formats;
>Can receive and send, half-duplex communication, transition last fleetly ;
>Offering a transparent data interface,suitable for any standard or non-standard user protocols;
>Auto filtration of false data produced in the air, and able to transmit long data frames, Good reliability for long-time use, low failure rate,suitable for both indoor and outdoor use;
>Low power consumption and sleep function power: 100mw, receiving current Temperature: -20~+85 degrees (customized batch order for industrial level);
>Size:44mm*27mm*8mm(not include antenna); weight: 13g;
.good performance

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