Product Image-Medical thermometer CPT-01

Product Image-Medical thermometer CPT-01

Medical Thermometer

Product ID: CPT-01

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The Corwell CPT-01 is a clinically accurate pen-type thermometer. It comes with a user-friendly flexible probe, making measuring body temperature from any of the three traditional sites easy and comfortable. The CPT-01 displays the latest measurement in an LCD after it is turned on. It beeps upon completion of a measurement and gives fever alert when the measurement is over 37.8 Celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit). The CPT-01 is available with waterproof casing, making it easy to clean. Probe covers, fit with the probe right before taking a temperature for hygiene considerations, are also available at marginal costs. The CPT-01 can be left inside a transparent storage case after cleaning. The CPT-01 is powered by a durable 1.5 V battery, which lasts hundreds of measurements.

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