China Bluestar Chengrand Chemical Co.,Ltd
We are one of the most famous manufacturers of Aromid fiber and Red Phosphorus Based Flame Retardant masterbatch in China.
For Aromid fiber, there is normal grade as well as high performance grade in filature and structural material industry available;
And we have several varied masterbatches available to different compound systems therefore there's need concerning about the compatibility.
At the same time, we could supply GM Series Of Silicone Additive for Plastics working as lubricant, one component and two components room
temperature vulcanized silicone rubber for sealant, adhesive and moulding, MCA, polypropylene grafted with maleic anhydride and Modified PA、PP、PBT
and so on, as well as functional masterbatches, for instance, Toughening Agent for Nylon, Compatabilizer for PC Alloy, POM toughening additive.

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