Double Balance Poles of Mulit-function Ladder

Product ID: T6-37

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Product Description:
1.EN131-4, ANSI, AS/NZS standard from SGS.
2.Every steps interval is 300mm.
3.Rubber feet: large feet prevent sliding and wear of aluminum material.
4.Can be used on any kind of surface.
Safety Features:
1.Rectangular aluminum tubing: strut joins designed to minimize parallel movement and strange sounds.
2.Extending bottom: Flared feet enhance stability and balance.
3.Flat aluminum board can be added to enhance stability.
  • Material
    • Step and Pole: Aluminum
  • Folding: Steel
    • Structures
      • Step Ladders, Folding Ladders
    • Functions
      • Folding Ladder
    • Place of Origin and Brand Name
      • Taiwan CTH
  • EN131
  • ANSI

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