Black Series Folding Ladder

Product ID: B6-37

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Product Description:
1.Passed EN131-4 certification standard from SGS.
2.Composed of ultra-strong aluminum alloy.
3.Each step can hold a load of 150kg.
4.Large rubber feet pads.
5.The whole ladder uses black anode treatment, which prevents oxidation, increasing product lifespan and making the entire exterior flat and smooth.
6.Uses multifunctional joint ladder structure, allowing the ladder to be smoothly used in different environments and sites.
7.Increased rubber guards prevents scratches when touched during use, and also prevents internal dust buildup.
8.Used for home, plumbing and electric work, monitoring construction, high technology industry, clean rooms, and outdoor activities.
  • Place of Origin and Brand Name
    • Taiwan, CTH
  • Material
    • Aluminum
  • Structures
    • Step Ladders
  • Functions
    • Folding Ladder
  • color
    • Black
  • EN131
  • ANSI
  • AS/NZS

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