Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Product ID: FP-20

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Product Description:
1.EN131 standard from SGS.
2.330mm distance between each step.
3.Designed for use by electrical engineers engaged in work on power lines. Uses non-conductive, insulating materials.
4.Split section pulley system with locking device to fix at required height.
5.All come with extra pole strap, handle, and heavy feet.
6.Loading weight: 150kgs.
Safety Features:
1.Rubber strap: provides added stability.
2.Handle: special easy-to-grip knob design.
3.Rubber hook: designed for use when no wall is available.
4.Anti-slip stopper: prevents collision when upper section is lowered.
  • Material
    • Fiberglass and Aluminum
  • Structures
    • Step Ladders
  • Functions
    • Telescopic Ladder
  • Place of Origin
    • Taiwan
  • Brand Name
    • CTH
  • EN131

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