Current Transformer

Current Transformer

Current Transformer,Low Frequency Transformer,Magnetic Latching Relay

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Application to single phase and multiphase electronic energy meters.
  • Current Transformer
    • Application to single phase and multiphase electronic energy meters.
  • Nice looking design and multiform types.
  • Encapsulated by Epoxy resin with good insulation and perfect immunity of humidity&shock.
  • Lead-out by pin or wire with high accuracy current.
  • Mini size, little weight, standard hole and easy to installation.
  • DC immune function.
  • Samples are available.
    • Low Frequency Transformer
      • Application to meters,IT product and medical instruments.
    • Mini body, easy to installation.
    • High accuracy output voltage.
    • High dielectric strength.
    • Lower temperature rising.
    • Samples are available.
      • Magnetic Latching Relay
        • Working condition:
      • Temperature range from -45℃ to 55℃Humidity between 45% and 85%
      • Production advantages:
      • Large contact pressure, large cutting off power, small contact resistance, good stability,
      • withstanding the vibration and impact and working in large load with long time.
      • Mainly used for IC card prepaid electric meter, automatic meter reading, electric power compensator and auto controlling systems.
      • Samples are available.
  • ISO9001:2000

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Current Transformer, Low Frequency Transformer,Magnetic Latching Relay