Confetti fireworks

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Ceremony Fireworks are patient products that is benefitful to environmental protection inclusive of hand-held fireworks ,ground salute and launching machine mainly,namely three categories with several dozens of colours and designs .This product utilizes compressed gas to power its launch and with exquisite coloured paper of all shades as its contents
  • 20*4(Length*diameter)
    • We are China Liuyang SKY PIONEER PYROTECHNICS Inc. We have a good command of AFSL Standards and BS7114, EN14035. it is a large-scale foreign trade and manufacture company dealing with fireworks and firecrackers
  • 40*5(Length*diameter)
    • 1.packing:50/1 2.VOLUME:0.05
  • 3. G.WEIGHT:17 4.remark:assorted contents/ignited by power
    • 80*5(Length*diameter)
      • 1.packing:25/1 2.VOLUME:0.05
    • 3. G.WEIGHT:15 4.remark:assorted contents/parachutes
      • 20*4(Length*diameter)
        • 1.packing:90/1 2.VOLUME:0.048
      • 3. G.WEIGHT:14 4.remark:multi-colorflower shape
        • 11-4(Length*diameter)
          • 1.packing:150/1 2.VOLUME:0.035
        • 3. G.WEIGHT:7 4.remark:spring cannon
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    • When you turn on the switch ,the contents will be spurted to the sky 4-26 metres with thousands of flowers .Strips ,umbrellas and other lucky things floating in the sky
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    • setting off deep festival atmosphere and enjoying the sight of ground effects like a sea of flowers ,which will make the celebration reach its climax
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    • Not only it does not contain explosive ,poision,pollution ,noise ,it's easy to operate ,transport and preserve ,but also it breaks through the original limits that firecraker only could be displayed outside door and fireworks only at night
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    • Itcan be widely applied to celebration,opening,performance,wedding,sports,carnival,Christmas and so on.
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    • Guarantee first-class quality products with the most competitive price,2.Design novel products in time according to the customer,specific requirements.

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