sparkers( fireworks)

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We are China Liuyang SKY PIONEER PYROTECHNICS Inc. We have a good command of AFSL Standards and BS7114, EN14035. it is a large-scale foreign trade and manufacture company dealing with fireworks and firecrackers,such as Display Shells.Assorted Cakes,Rockets,Roman Candles,Fountains,Firecrackers,Matches,Shelves fireworks,Novelties,Assortments,Helicopter,Sparklers,Wheels, Wheels and helicopter,Spinner,Smokeless Products,Toy Fireworks etc,.Our fireworks and firecrackers products are popular with the consumers and are well sold to Amer ica,Europe,South and East Asia,Middle East,Africa etc,
  • 7inch sparkers
    • 1.Parking:50/10/10 2.CBM(m3):0.022
  • 3.G.W(kg):10
    • 7inch color sparkers
      • 1.Parking:20/50/20 2.CBM(m3):0.046
    • 3.G.W(kg):16
      • 10inch sparkers
        • 1.Parking:24/12/8 2.CBM(m3):0.047
      • 3.G.W(kg):20
        • 36inch sparkers
          • 1.Parking:2/24/6 2.CBM(m3):0.026
        • 3.G.W(kg):18
          • 12inch sparkers
            • 1.Parking:24/12/6 2.CBM(m3):0.025
          • 3.G.W(kg):8
  • quality
    • Guarantee first-class quality products with the most competitive price
  • products
    • Design novel products in time according to the customer,specific requirements.
  • safety
    • Test the products strictly and display fireworks with maximum safety.
  • products
    • Ensure good credit of accurate and on-time delivery as well as excellent after-sell service.We are fully committed to the principles of equality,mutual benefit and safety
  • goods
    • we are constantly striving to improve all aspects of our business with our partners.

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Display Shells.Assorted Cakes,Rockets,Roman Candles,Fountains,Firecra