Plasma Scrubber

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Without using any inflammable gas (ex, LPG and Metan). CF4 is decomposed 95% by only using Electricity. Despite of instant power off, the machine keep running by "Power Vaccine" function. To save maintenance cost with a longer durability of Electrode Power supply has the highest reliability.
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    • Plasma + Water - treatment Method.
  • Above NF3 95%, CF4 96% to be decomposed.
  • There is no emitting of "NOx".
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      • Durability of the electrode is more than 6 months.
    • With Sensor and Tank for a leakage of water.
    • To monitor internal temperature and pH.
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        • Designed against corrosion with Teflon coating.
      • "Power Vaccine" function.
      • Automatic Bypass function in emergency.

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