Continuous Casting Mould

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Continuous casting graphite mould, which is mainly used as mould for copper, platnium, gold, silver, other non-ferrous metal, steel and stainless steel with good heat conductivity, superior self-lubrication and grinding resistance and high mechanical strength.
There are two different kinds of continuous casting moulds-horizontal continuous casting mould and vertical continuous casting mould according to different casting methods. Based on different casting materials, there are :1. copper continuous casting mould 2. bronze continuous casting mould 3. gold, silver, platinum jewellery continuous casting mould 4. stainless steel continuous casting mould. Due to different shapes, there are moulds of round rods, hollow rods, peculiar shapes. On the basis of different holes, there is one-hole graphite mould and multiple-hole graphite mould.
  • good heat conductivity
  • superior self-lubrication
  • grinding resistance
  • high mechanical strength.

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