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Non-Surface-electrified PTC Ripple Heater is a kind of heater that can auto-control temperature and save electricity. It is made up of PTC and aluminum sheet. The heater has a lot of advantages such as giving out rich heat,stable power, long service life, high reliablity, without naked fire. It is adhibited with ripple radiator component which hot wind can go through on both sides of general PTC element. It is now widely used in house heating equipment such as air-adjuster, disinfector cabinet, dryer, suit-dryer, moveable fan heater and automobile industry.

Common specification for Surface-electrified PTC Ripple Heater
Model Voltage range Size range length Power range Installation pitch-row
MZFR-B 24v~240v 50mm~800mm 100w~8000w can be made according to your requirement
Remarks: the size,power, voltage, can be made according to your requirement.
  • ISO9001&2000

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