spy camera with removable memory card

Product ID: DK-MR01

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A system concealed in a decorative alarm automatically records Images on a removable memory card upon human reaction Detection. Powered by recharge lithium battery (can use 1 day)。The camera will turn on and record full-motion video whenever someone moves into its wide field-of human reaction detection confine,then shut off automatically when people leave. And you can connect with Monitor to playback video.
When you return, simply take out SD card through your computer or laptop. And camera can connect with TV to playback record video. This discreet device is a simple, self-contained system that is ready to go right out of the box. .Just place it on any surface and adjust the camera lens angle by using a reflective positioning dome that makes it easy to see the area covered .This sophisticated system is plug and play to ensure that it is quickly protecting your business. See who opened the locked drawer in your office View pictures of anyone who was around that valuable package that disappeared. See who came into the office after hours and what exactly they were doing there.

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