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Product ID: Lumix 2 HFPL

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Lumix 2 HFPL is effective because it is DOUBLE-DIODE: high power PULSED-SUPERPULSED diode laser within the INFRARED wavelength band and diode laser within the RED wavelength band, which allow high-power, average concentration transmission to the tissue in the different subcutaneous levels.
The peak power (output) is 40 W, the average power (at the source) is 0,5 W.
Beam diameter is 8 mm (1 cm from the handpiece lens). This diameter can be increased by taking the handpiece further away from the area to be treated.

The high power density and the different biostimulation of the two wave lengths allow the user to work with very short treatment times. The possibility of interacting on the emission modalities by adjusting the power and frequency level of the INFRARED diode, makes Lumix 2 HFPL version extremely versatile for all laser therapy applications. The appliance has pre-set therapeutic protocols and free memories.
  • Lumix 2 HFPL
    • Model: Lumix 2 HFPL
  • Commercial classification: lasertherapy (biostimulation) appliance.
  • Technical classification: electromedical appliance class I type BF
  • Medical device class: Ila (Dir. 93/42/EEC as further modified).
  • Reference standards: EN 60601-1 (IEC 60601-1), CEI 62-5, EN 60601-2-22 (IEC 60601-2-22), CEI 62-42, EN 60825-1 (IEC 60825-1), CEI 76-2, EN 60601-1-2 (IEC 60601-1-2), EN 60601-1-4 (IEC 60601-1-4).
  • FDA/CE

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