Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine LZ12-560+SG800

Product ID: LZ12-560+SG800

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Blocks Parameters Model
LT160-21-277A(B) LT320-11-360 LT320-17-360
1 Number of Block 21 11 17
2 (m/s) Max. Drawing Speed (m/s) 20 8 8
3 Dia. of Inlet Wire (mm) 0.80-1.40(0.80-1.70) 1.80-2.70 1.50-2.80
4 (mm) Dia of outlet wire(mm) 0.15-0.22(0.20-0.38) 1.80-1.60 0.50-0.90
5 (%)Compressibility of average passes(%) 14.50 14.50 15.80
6 (kw) Main drive motor power(kw) 22(30) 37 45
7 Drag mode AC Frequency Convertor

Certificate: Ce Iso9001:2000
Over RMB100,000,000.00/year
Over USD1,500,000.00/yearf

1,High Speed,High efficieny, low consumption,simple and direct operation, best adaptablity

of technology,high automation,necessary complete functions and available optional

combination or assembling on users??demand
2, machine part: main parts is from international famous company:
Touch screen--siemens,
Motion transfer system---intaly imports gear box,
Block cooling---water and air

Straight Wire Drawing Unit unique features :
All-digital control
Network of information exchange and processing
Extraordinary speed
Convenient and efficient referral system
  • Certificate
    • Ce
  • Iso9001:2000
    • Advantage
      • high automation,necessary complete functions and available optional combination

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