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. DY1100 multifunctional hydraulic brick making machine is a patented high-tech product developed by our company on the basis of digestion of the devices imported from American or German.
2. Hydraulic brick making machine adopts the four-column-three-beam pre-stressed tie rod cover structure and optimizing stress analysis of finite element, the structure of which is capable of bearing the tensile force above two thousand tons.
3. It applies the German Siemens PLG program control, man-machine interface and touching operation
4. The oil cylinder sealing members are those imported with original packaging produced by German company and the cylinder body is casted with double-layer alloy , the inner surface of which is furbished with the heat treatment.
5. Applying the displacement transducer built in the oil cylinder, it can exactly control the quantity of the loading material of the brick. The rate of products meeting standards is high with the error being only ?mm. The bin level indicator installed in the feed tray can automatically adjust.
6. The hydraulic station is the power supply for the whole hydraulic press. Our company applies the hydraulic originals with original packing such as hydraulic pump, directional valves, etc. produced by German hydraulic manufacturing company. Furthermore, our company designs and applies the present most advanced international hydraulic control theory and valve transducers which realizes the pre-pressing , shaping pressing and pressure maintaining.
  • ISO9000:2001

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