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It is automatic controlled by a computer from preparing the raw material dosage, mixing to product output, realizing full automatic operating, equipping the device for inputting and outputting data, realizes person-machine dialogue. It display the process of operation dynamically, if there is a mechanical problem, it will shut down and alarm automatically, then show the position of the problem, there are many buttons on the window and submenus for mechanical actions from dosage material to output finished bricks that you only needs to choose from the menu.
2. The machine has double cement mortar preparing process to get multi-functions, and can produce different kinds of bricks by replacing the moulds, such as varies kind of hollow bricks, manifold holes bricks, sidewalk color bricks and plant grass bricks, etc.
3. Power: 75KW
4 .External dimensions: 4785*4965*4690
5 Maximum pressure: 1100T
6 Products in one operation: 32-piece of bricks
7 Output in per hour: 5760~7200 pieces of bricks
8 57,600 bricks from a brick making unit in a 8-hour shift. 870,000 in a 5 day x 3 shift week.
9 Forming cycle: 16~18 seconds
10 Brick size : 240*115*53 MM ,240*115*90MM, 390*190*190MM Higher tonnages, Brick size as per customer specifications.
  • ISO9000:2001

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