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1. Weight of the whole machine: 8.2T
2. Power: 18KW
3. External dimensions: 4785*4965*4690
4. Maximum pressure: 15.7 *105 N
5. Products in one operation: 8 piece of bricks
6. Output in per hour: 2000 pieces of bricks
7. 16,000 bricks from a brick making unit in a 8-hour shift. 240,000 in a 5 day x 3 shift week.
8. Forming cycle: 16~18 seconds
9. Brick size: 240*115*53 MM, 240*115*90MM, 390*190*190MM higher tonnages, Brick size as per customer specifications.
10. Raw material: fly ash/ sand lime/ coal cinder/ lime-sludge/ industrial waste/ iron oxide/concrete/cement etc
11. Designed to operate 24 hours
12. System designed to use less cement so they reduce brick weight.
13. Any type of bricks/blocks can be made by fixing different type of mould and ram into the machine.
14. Electrical circuit is designed to avoid manual error.
15. Moulds prepared according to Client's specification.
16. Prompt delivery and service provided
  • ISO9000:2001

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