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Mail pressing components are made precisely with fine quality steel, meeting twice strength of maximum working pressure or more;
2. Increased mass of triangular belt wheel increases rotating inertia, increased diameter of crankshaft gear makes revolving moment highly increased so as to make this machine with high pressure, saving electricity consumption and high output;
3. Rotatory cross structure adopts automobile cross universal joint, making movement more flexible, smoother, steadier and more durable, revolution disc is added with steel outer lane, and adopts 3 steel fixing positions locating, making revolution disc operation smoother and steadier and the outer ring more resistant against wear and tear.
4. The condiment machine adopts worm gear worm gear auxiliary movement, and adjustable screw height feeding.
5. Weight of the whole machine: 8.2T
6. Power: 18K
7. External dimensions: 4785*4965*4690
8. Maximum pressure: 15.7 *105 N
9. Products in one operation: 8 piece of bricks
10. Output in per hour: 2000 pieces of bricks
11. 16,000 bricks from a brick making unit in a 8-hour shift. 240,000 in a 5 day (3 shift) per week.
  • ISO9000:2001

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