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Polycrystalline Diamond is a diamond combo produced by diamond sintered with bond under high temperature and high pressure; it has very high wearability and high thermal stability. It's widely used in petroleum extraction, diamond machining, geology drill and mechanical processing tools.
PCD series is the first choice for nature diamond cut & polished nowadays.
The engineers of 3U corp. can control the wearability of polycrystalline diamond accurately for different industrial purposes. With different batch formulas and technologies; HDPC has made PCD well adopted by oil exploiters and drill manufacturer world widely.
Specification 3x6, 4x6, 4x10x180, 5x10x180, 6x10x180, 8x0.75, 8x1.0, 8x1.25, 8x1.5, 8x2, 8x3, 10x1, 10x2, 10x3, 12x10
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