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Mouth spray
Ingredients Peppermint, Spearmint, Edible diluter.Effectiveness1.Pure natural quality products without additives.Will not damage your oral mucosa when you spray it. It eliminates halitosis and uncomfortable odors, moistens mouth, relieves pain cased by sore throats.2.Effectively eliminating oral bacteria, maintains good oral health.3.Cute and handy can be taken anywhere.4.We have products for both men and women. For men we offer a full confidence product eliminating odor causing bacterial caused by smoking, and the over consumption of strong foods .Leaving your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. For women we have a product which contains GRE, which can also inhibit the growth of germs, effectively cleansing your teeth and whitening your smile. We have designed several packaging designs of your choice.Usage and dosage Spray right into mouth. One or two times.Volume capacity 12ml,15ml.

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