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freshening teeth whitening toothpaste,6 teeth whitening gel,2 resin sheets.2.Ingredient:Complex decolourant,DFCP Cell regeneration factor.3.Rang of application:Dental fluorosis,tetracycline pigmentation teeth and other dental plaque.4.Usage:(1) Fabricate a tray with the help of dentist(2) Brush teeth before use.(3) Place a thin strip (about1/3)of teeth shitening gel along the entire inside of the mouth tray.(4) Place the tray into mouth,clear off any excess gel which has exuded over the edges of the mouth tray .(5) Wear the mouth tray foy 30 minutes.Use once a day.(6) Brush teeth and wash the tary after use.5.Direction The usage period is according to different situation.For exogenetic factor need 7 days ,endogenous factor need 15 days.Serious teracycline pigmentation teeth need more time.6.Matter need attention Extensive testing has shown if accidentally swallowing small amounts of teeth whitening gel is not harmful.Sensitivity or discomfort persists,pregnancy and other problems can not use teeyh whitening kit.7.Storage Keep in dry,cold place and avoid sunlight8.Shelf life 24 mouths

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