DOK Energy Saving Laminated Window Glass

Product ID: PVB Laminated Glass

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Our DOK Energy-saving Glass is PVB laminated glass and patented, and has the following characteristics:
1) Sound insulation
Sound are reflected and absorbed so as to reach the effect of sound insulation.
2) Heat insulation
Use our product, you can decrease the heat absorb from the sun by 71%. Common Glass absorb the heat of 3000 wh/m2. While our DOK Glass absorb the heat of 870 wh/m2. Largely decrease the heat absorb from sun so as to save energy(such as air conditioner)
3) Remove influence of infrared ray & ultraviolet radiation.
Our product can remove and reflect 94% of infrared ray,and remove 99% of ultraviolet radiation.and 73% of visible light can pass through DOK glass.
4) Safe and environmentally friendly
Our DOK Glass uses tough macromolecule membrane. When Glass is striken strongly and broken, this layer of compound membrane can absorb most of strike energy and make strike energy decrease largely. The whole body of glass is not easy to break down. So meantime it can guard against thief. It has the performance of water resisting and standing high temperature.
Size can be made to customers specification.
.our products are patented

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