LHD450/13 copper wire drawing machine

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The machine is used to draw φ1.3-φ4.0mm copper wires from 8mm rod.
1.The box body is cast part in whole one that can make perfect outlook and lower noise and vibration.
2.All drawing blocks wheel which have equal diameter and are set in one row in certain degree. The special design can protect the wire against scratching and compressing.
3.The material of gear is 20CrMnTi that is treatment by carburizing and quenching to be up to high precision. 4.The bearing of main drawing machine is NSK band, of which the precision can be up to 6-6.5 grades.
Block wheels, constant speed wheel and guiding wheels are all through the special treatment so that the hardness is higher, wearing performance is better and the live life is longer.
5.The operation is very convenient because of the block wheels in one row and oil immersion lubrication method and horizontal annealer.
6.The drop down coiler can finish the take up bobbin from full one to empty one without stopping.
7.Electrical control
The main motor and constant wheel driven motor are controlled by Siemens serious digital DC speed adjusted device
PLC is Siemens brand.
The touch screen is local or foreigner brands.

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