Synthetic Durostone Material

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Synthetic Durostone Material is a heavy-duty glass fiber reinforced plastic which offers extreme strength and excellent electrical, thermal and chemical properties. It is manufactured by using Polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy- and modified Epoxy resins combined with glass fibers.

It can keep its mechanical strength, smoothness and original color when continuously used under the temperature of 280 ° C (max. Working temperature below 360 degree 10~20sec). It is easily machining, high intensity and can be easily machining into special mechanical parts.

Synthetic Durostone Material is suitable to wave soldering and SMT process. It can achieve the precision required during the SMT machining process, and maintain its flatness in the reflow soldering cycle. The low thermal conductivity of the durotone prevents heat-shrinkage of the bas board, to ensure the quality of reflow process. It is designed and typically recommended for use in manufacturing solder pallets for wave-solder applications of printed circuit boards.
  • ISO90000

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