Rubber Roller Milling Machine

Product ID: SM25CNC

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The machine tool is fit for millinf and cutting rubber rollers of textile machines,components like axles,and may also be used for rubber rollers of olive shape,taper and curve shapes.The machine is a CNC machine involving the united action of two axles.The entire cutting and milling process is controlled by the CNCsystem,and has a human-machine interface menu for programming and numerically controlled sand wheel finishing.The machine can be fitted with an automatic feeding device according to the user`s requirments
  • Sand wheel
    • Sand wheel frame feeding X axis, longitusinal movement of wortable in Z axis; AC servo motor and ball srew are adopted for driving for axis X and Z; bilinear guide rail is adopted for back and forth in the direction of axis X and Z. Imported sensors are adopted for the travel limits to ensure reliable and high precision.
    • The milling head
      • The milling head main shaft system adopted hydraulic dynamical pressure combined axle bearing (3-bush structure), and may aldo use the dynamic and static pressur oi ; film axle bearing with static pressure oil tank;stepless speed regulation for the maxin shaft .AC frequency conversion for head frame (driving rubber rollers to rotate), worktable and the servo structure of sand wheel frame have stepless speed variation.

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