Quick Simple Diamond Selector and Diamond / Moissanite Tester

Product ID: EL-005

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This technologically enhance tester is design to identify real diamonds from non-diamonds and diamond simulants with a single step. It does not need a separate diamond selector that can filter out other simulants before it can be used to rule out the moissanite. It does not need a moissanite tester to rule out the moissanite. Even if moissanite have similar thermal conductivity to that of real diamond, you can now identify real diamonds from other simulants with a single step and with a single tool with this one tool that have-it-all. DMT-1 speeds up the process of identifying the real and authentic diamonds from moissanite and other simulants. This device is a diamond selector plus a diamond and moissanite tester.

It doesn't react when testing stones other than real diamonds and moissanite and it provides different audio indicators for diamond, moissanite and metal surface. It provides different colored light indicators for real diamonds and moissanite. A tone will be heard and the green light indicator will light up if the stone is diamond. If moissanite, it will change to a different tone and the blue light indicator will light up within 1/2 second. This tester provides you with all the protection you need. It cost a bit a higher when compared with a diamond selector, a moissanite tester or with a diamond and moissanite tester but because of its advantages, it becomes cheaper. It doesn't need a separate diamond selector to filter-out other simulants before ruling the diamond from moissanite. It can speed up the processing time of identification up to 100% because you'll know the true nature of the stone in just one touch only.

It is indeed a TOTAL & COMPLETE PROTECTION AGAINST fraud diamond transactions. It's an indispensable tool for jewelry professionals, jewelry lovers, flea market visitors and anyone that needs an easy, quick, reliable and effective tool to be protected from moissanite diamonds. A perfect all-in-one solution for identifying real diamonds. Plus, it gives you the convenience and the sense of security in shopping your most valuable diamond jewelry.

Why go through these tiring and repetitive procedures and steps when you can do it with one simple, fast, and reliably accurate test?
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