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Eastrose deodorant Roll-on products and deodorant packeging.
Function: Start the day off with an anti-perspirant deodorant that will keep you dry and smelling fresh throughout the busy day. New larger roll-on applies easier and provides 50% more coverage and 24-hour wetness protection. Non-sticky, quick-drying, non-whitening, anti-stain formula anti perspirantand give you a good feeling.
Direction: turn over the bottle so that the deodorant contact with the roll, then glide onto underarms and some other place after bathing or before going out.
Warnings: do not apply to broken skin.
45ml/ 50ml / 75ml / 100ml / 150ml /175ml/ 200ml / 250ml, or customized Volume.
Well-mechanized Deodorant Roll-on with precisely formulated ingredients
Be relaxed and confident with all-day deodorant protection
Non-sticky, dry, non-irritation, fresh, convenient
New style of most fashion
Scents optional
USA formulas offering lasting confidence
  • 5ml-100ml
    • we supply wide sorts of cosmetic and its packaging.especially deodeorant.
  • antisudorific
    • Antisudorific: reduce perspiration effectively, never block pore, keep refreshing for a long time.
  • fragrance
    • Fragrance: give out slight scent, supply cooling and refreshing in short time.
  • packaging
    • Er8094 Packing:each item use P.P packaging,6pcs to small box,and 8pcs box for carton 351x463x125 48PCS/CTN
  • moisturizing,anti-perspirant.whiten
    • the product can fast replenish your skin and richen your skin not to produce any irritation .
  • ISO

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