Product ID: 680z

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Production Code: BOR-P-680Z
Physical Index:
Melt index : » 3g/10min
Water content: «0.5%
Density: «1.9g/cm3
PLA + modified starch: » 80%
Color: Milky, grey
Inorganic Powder: «15%
1.Environmental Capability: The product made by natural high molecule stretch complex with completely compost-degradable resin. The product has good capability of bridegradability in a short period of time under compost environment. Animalcule will rapidly increase in plastic surface and result in physical breakdown of plastic structure. Because of animalcule biochemical action, variety hydrolyzes and other factors, enzyme catalysis or acid base catalysis and polymer module smaller, finally decompose of H2O and CO2 by animalcule and that is suitable to burning rubbish. When burned there is less heating generated and can totally transfer into ashes and less quantity of H20 and CO2.
2.Manufacturing Capability: Fluid well; good machine-shaping.
3.Products Performances: feeling soft and glazed, easy to print, resist electrostatic well.

Manufacturing index:
Suitable for a variety of plastic machines. The working temperature is 130°c-140°c and can adjust temperature according to different types of products and machines. Machines must be cleaned up after manufacturing in order to prevent biodegradable resin jam machine bucket.
Suitable to golf tees, pencil vase and different kinds of commodities, toy, office goods and the other injection products.

Degradation Theory:
The biodegradable finish products are disposed in the natural environment. Their major ingredients-starch and degradable resin will act as good as carbon sources for microorganisms which make molds, bacterica and other microorganisms grow very rapidly and lead to quick physical breakdown of plastics structure. The molecular absorbed by microorganisms will be rapidly decreased under catalysis of acid, alkalis and enzymes. It is finally degraded into CO2 and H2O by microorganism.
anufacturing Catalogue:
That is no need to add any processing additives, however, it is permissible to add a small quantity of colorful masterbatch.
Process Method: suitable to blowing film, injection , rolling, moulding foam and so on.
Machinery Technical: such as normal plastics, there is no special requirments.
Recyclable use: material leftover can be recycled for use
Stock and Package:
Outer package is craft paper bag (net weight is 25kg), inner package is poly bag (net weight is 5kg). Keep in dry, cool, clean place with good ventilation, provent sunlight, rain and do not damage the package.
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