BOR L 580F

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A. Environmentally friendly:
(1)Natural starch is eroded or swallowed by microorganism (moulds or bacteria or fungi); The mulch films, trash bags, shopping bags, etc begin biodegradation; PE is a big molecule and is polymerized by many molecules, starch is polymer as well, but is natural. Starch can be very easily resolved or biodegraded into amylose, amylose can be very easily resolved or biodegraded into CO2 and Water. [For example, put starch into water, it quickly becomes expansive and whitish, then biodegrades or resolves itself very soon.
(2)The mulch films, trash bags, shopping bags, etc are made of starch and PE. First, PE pellets and starch are evenly mixed and evenly melted together, then, film is blown, bag is formed; If starch biodegrades, PE definitely degrades too. Molecular chain (carbon linking hydrogen) inside polymer is really like a "chain", which we could see in daily life, while the chain begins degradation or resolved, it becomes shorter and shorter, lighter and lighter, polymer (big molecule) turns into monomer, into pieces, into invisible powder until totally absorbed by the nature, by the environment
(3)PE is degraded into invisible powder, which is absolutely no harm to the soil as well as the environment; Furthermore the degraded PE powder would be likely swallowed by microorganisms as well.
B. Products texture:
No lustrous reflexion, better flexibility, easier for printing.
C. Ideal additive:
No stimulation, innoxious, exquisite, good plastifying, regular granule.
Starch could be eaten by human beings; PE (composed of carbon & hydrogen) is widely accepted and used around the world.
D. Dispersibility:
Good flow property.
E. Period of biodegradation:
6-month in general, but it depends on the environment, it may vary from 1-12 month.
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