video colposcope

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Video colposcope
High resolution and definition digital CCD.
16*optical zooming, 8*digital zooming, the image can be enlarged to its 128 multiples.
DSP dynamic auto-focusing system zooming automatically, automatical luminance adjustment, digital color adjustment, vividly images display.
Annular-type multipoint high brightness LED light source, the brightness can be adjustable continually, color temperature capability is good, the intensity is more than 1400lux.
Real time dynamic image managing: enlarge, dwindle, freeze, capture, video replay, auto-zooming, images dispose, etc.
Dynamic filtering function can give prominence to focus, improve diagnosis accuracy.
Measure the perimeter and area of the focus automatically, character signs.
Images can be saved to JPEG or BMP file format, easy to use. Dicom format can be approved.
Multi-working-interface can be selected, or be edited freely.
The user can amend the patient's infomation freely.
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