RC Jump Jet Stealth Plane

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Jump Jet is Revolutionary technology allows it to take off like a helicopter, and fly like a plane.
No other currently available model offers 4-channel proportional control with 3-axis computer gyro stabilisation and extreme self-righting stability.
Jump Jet offers the same precision control and robust mechanical simplicity which together made the Hoverfly helicopter so popular. It offers what no other currently available model can - full three-axis controllability combined with extreme self-righting stability, all from minimal moving parts.
This makes Jump Jet ideal for learning to fly rotorcraft. It has all the controls of a helicopter, but it is easier to fly.

There is no spinning rotor mechanism or exposed propellers to get bent and broken in a crash. Instead, four protected fans provide three dimensional vectored thrust and the highest-ever safety for indoor flying. Ideal for beginners.
A triple axis gyroscope contributes to incredible stability and precise flying control. Experienced flyers can hone their skills indoors, independent of the weather
Motors * 4
Weight * 65g
Wingspan * 34cm
Battery * 3S 140mAh Li Po
Flight Time * Around 4 - 5 minutes
Control * Proportional 3-axis 4-channel Infra-red
Stabilisation * 3-axis auto-zeroing computer gyro
Included * Aircraft, Controller (mode 2), Charger
.RC Jump Jet Stealth Plane

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