Mini PC Station Based Cloud Computing

Product ID: EG-T580

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PC Stations EG_T580 brief introduction

PC Stations EG_T580 makes one desktop computer work for 100 more users.Only need to purchase one desktop computer, and all your office stuff can do their computer work perfectly. 1 keyboard& mouse, 1 monitor+ 1 pc stations EG_T580 make a full new work station.

PC Stations T580 based on cloud computing technical, one host can share with unlimited client users! 4 USB ports, and an optional serial port, wireless/ USB mouse and keyboard supported. Excellent office work and also perfect in entertainment.

PC Stations EG-T580 Detailed Description

PC Stations not only running as a separated mini-computer for web browsing, and also sharing the network, take the innovative cost advantage to carry out the network of business operations. The price of this pc station just equal to 10%-20% of the traditional personal PC, and adopt the design of software and hardware integrated, that is conducive to maintenance and convenient for management. EG_T580 pc station use Multi User technology and attached with free software to achieve the host resource sharing, desktop terminal need not Windows license, can directly connect: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008 server.

If you have many users work more than 10 meters away from the shared PC, and want to use USB flash driver or other USB products, select Mini PC Stations T580. Mini PC Stations T580 connects across a standard Ethernet local-area network, they just snap into place and can be just about as far away from the shared computer as you like.

Mini PC Stations T580 share the excess power of standard PCs and make computing simple and affordable. You save money by sharing the cost of a single PC among multiple users. And your users feel like they each have their own PC while they simultaneously share common applications including web browsers, e-mail, office suites, and multimedia. Every user has their own keyboard, screen, settings, applications, and data files, so their experience is just like it would be if they were working at an independent PC.
  • Mini PC Stations T580 substantial b
    • PC Stations T580 Save money, time, and aggravation
  • PC Stations T580 Efficiently share one PC with unlimited users
  • PC Stations T580 Dramatically reduce acquisition & support costs
  • PC Stations T580 Easy to set up, maintain, and secure
  • PC Stations T580 Flexible Ethernet networking
  • PC Stations T580 Supports Windows and Linux
  • PC Stations T580 Compact and reliable
  • PC Stations T580 Energy-efficient (under 5 watts per user)
    • The EG_T580 PC Station is ideal for
      • Schools and universities
    • Business and office applications
    • Internet and email
    • Manufacturing
      • Mini PC Stations T580 Specification
        • Size: 189x134x31mm
      • Power consumption: less than 5W
      • Connection to Host PC: Via 100 Mb/s switched Ethernet connection
      • Video Resolution: Support 1280 * 800,1280 * 960, 1280 * 1024,1366 * 768, 1440 * 900….
      • Audio: Stereo output via speaker port and input via MIC port
      • Hardware performance: 533MHz frequency, 64M DDR, 64M NAND FLASH, 2D Graphics Accelerator, 3D Graphics Accelerator
      • Software Support: Wince5.0, TCPMP media player, Word, Excel, PDF and other office software, Remote Desktop, IE browser 6.0,
      • Max # Users per PC: no limitation when using a server host OS (i.e. Windows Server 2003)
      • 20 users when using a desktop OS (i.e. Windows XP)
      • Supported OS: Windows VISTA, Windows 2008, Windows XP PRO, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7/ Linux: Support standard RDP Protocols, so it can work at many environments.
      • Build in TV-OUT output interface and COM port output is optional

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