Intelligent Digital Temperature Controllers/Temperature Regulators/Thermostat (SG)

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The SG series intelligent digital temperature controllers/ thermostats completely adopt the import components and parts, and featured in compact size, light weight, beautiful appearance, excellent performance, anti-jamming and anti-vibration, etc. This digital temperature controllers/ regulators has wide application, and can totally substitute the similar import meter.

Technical data:
1. Classification 72mm× 72mm 96mm× 96mm thermostat
72mm× 72mm 96mm× 96mm Temperature Controller
2. Temperature range DIGIT SETTING: 0-99.9º C, 0-199º C, 0-299º C, 0-399º C, 0-999º C.
3. Input specification CA(K J), PT100Ω
4. Setting accuracy Less than ± 1% full scale or display range
5. Less than ± 0.5% full scale or display range
6. Indicated accuracy Less than± 2º C
7. Control action ON/OFF type, proportional type (PD)
8. Output mode Relay contact 5A 250VAC, non contact voltage DC12V for SSR drive
9. Rated voltage AC: 110V/220V/380V± 10%, 50/60EHz
10. Proportional cycle Relay output: 15sec, SSR output: 2sec
11. Consumption power About: 3W
12. Accessory function Recognition sensor break
13. Ambient temperature -10º C~+55º C
14. Dimensions (mm) 72H× 72W× 100D 96H× 96W× 100D
.PID control

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