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We are in a good position to supply Telemecanique AC contactors(LC1-D, LC1-F, LC1-K), double throw AC contactors; Siemens AC contactors(3TF AC contactors, 3TB AC contactors), LG AC contactors, Mistubishi AC contators(S-K AC contactors ), LG AC contactors(UKC1 AC contactors).

Our LC1-D series AC contactors are suitable for using in the circuits up to the rated voltage 660V AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz, rated current up to 620A. For makingf, breaking, frequently starting & controlling the AC motor. Combined with the auxiliary contact block, timer dalay & machine-interlocking device etc. It becomes the delay contactor, mechanical interlocking contactor, star-delta starter. With the thermal relay, it is combined into the electromagnetic starter. The products conforms to IEC60947-4-1 standard.
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