Pandemic Flu Kit

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Protect yourself from Bird Flu, Swine Flu, H1N1 and similar Pandemics
We suggest to get a personal Pandemic Flu Preparedness Kit for each person that could be exposed to potential risks.
Our pandemic flu protection kits come in clear vinyl bags that are easy to keep clean and allow you to see what's inside.

Pandemic Kit Contents:
30 - antibacterial wet wipes
10 - dust masks, surgical style and grade
10 - disposable gloves (5 pairs)
2 - bottles hand sanitizer, liquid, 2oz each
2 - packs paper napkins, 7 pcs each pack
1 - terry cloth for wiping or washing
3 - packs with 2 ea. Tylenol Extra Strength tablets
3 - packs with 2 ea. Pain Reliever regular strength
3 - packs with 2 ea. Nasal and Sinus Decongestant
3 - sachets with purified drinking water, 125ml each, 5 year shelf life
1 - clear carry pouch, vinyl with rope handles and zipper top
  • be safe
    • protect from Pandemics

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