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PC station Share is a host without CPU, hard disk, enabling users to serf the Internet, play games, and can realize Internet application of ASP, photo manager software, Instant messenger, Private E-mail and office suites software, multimedia software and so on. It's the first computer terminal without CPU, HD and CD-ROM. One host can support ten PC station terminals(Windows 2000/2003 server edition can support 30 ones at most), and each user can simultaneously share the resouces of host independently and securely. The operation is the same with that of host. PC Station share is widely applied in office, hospital, call center, training center, library, coffee etc.
  • Saving cost
    • It can save 80% hardware cost equivalent to buy Pentium 4 or the same performance, and also can expand your original host computer for home, office users more easily.
  • No need maintenance
    • Just only need to maintain and update the host. No need hardware maintenance, but need update the service software of the host.

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