Eurofosfor 245 W

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• DEFINITION: Phosphorescent paint that retains the light received by the day to be projected at night, both indoors and outdoors.
• USE: Is particularly suitable for signals of dark and dangerous zones who receive any type of light (natural or artificial) during any hour of the day.
• PROPERTIES: Good phosphorescence, excellent hardness, flexibility and adhesion on metal brackets, wood, concrete. The phosphorescence is made for some time, always in proportion to that received. Exterior paint is required approximately every six months.
  • IMPRITERMI R – 600 - A
    • • DEFINITION: Special primer designed with silicone resins, inorganic fillers and pigments for high temperature resistance.
  • • USE: On all kinds of metal objects (IRON, STEEL, COPPER, ETC.) that will be subject to alternate or continuous mode at very high temperatures, such as chimneys, burners, steam pipes, furnaces, silencers, exhaust pipes, etc.
  • • PROPERTIES: Resistant to high temperatures. The film once dry provides a good stability and tightness film. In many cases it can be of PRIMER and FINISHING.
      • • DEFINITION: Two components Polyurethane Varnish anti graffiti properties.
    • • USE: To protect the constructions materials against Sprays painted, labellers, etc.
    • • PROPERTIES: Waterproof, high adhesion. It is resistant to weather and abrasion. High flexibility so well supported by the expansion and contraction of the material to be treated. It does not yellowing.
      • ESCLOR – FLOORS H. B. – N. S.
        • • DEFINITION: Finish paint made based on chlorinated rubber resins and high quality pigments. It fulfills SSPC-SP-19 standard.
      • • USE: As a topcoat in chlorinated rubber systems painting, for the metallic structures treatment subjected to severe industrial or marine environments. It is specially designed as a topcoat on ground steel ships decks, concrete and cement. Take anti slip additive based on siliceous sands, NON SKID.
      • • PROPERTIES: Very fast physical drying for solvents evaporation. It has high resistance to water and chemicals.
        • EPOXI S – D 2505
          • • DEFINITION: Epoxy coating based on 2 components without solvent. It can be applied to high film thickness in a single layer, using the appropriate application equipment.
        • • USE: For coating substrates such as iron, concrete, mortar, flooring and walls of food. For the interior coating of tanks and reservoirs that should contain products intended for foods (water, oils, syrups, milk, wine, spirits 50% alcohol content, etc.).. For the interior coating of tanks and reservoirs that should contain sewage or chemicals (see the resistance in each case).
        • • PROPERTIES: Excellent chemical resistance, mechanical and strong abrasion. Very hard and tough, highly resistant to abrasion, as well as a large number of chemical products: fresh water and sea water, neutral aqueous solutions, acidic or slightly alkaline, solvents, oils, and urban and industrial waste water, etc.
            • • DEFINITION: This is a special coating for boats sailing in salt water, to achieve a lasting antifouling protection in severe service conditions.
          • • USE: Particularly suitable for countries where regulations prohibit the use of tin and derivatives and also when a maximum compatibility with other systems and all surfaces is required.
          • • PROPERTIES: Tin-free, contain high levels of cuprous oxide, its unique self-polishing mechanism prevents fouling organisms, and in addition, its softener action helps reduce drag resistance.
    • • DEFINITION: It is a high covering plastic paint, ideal for decoration and protection of exterior and interior surfaces which incorporates a fungicide additive - universal-type anti mold.
  • • USE: On all masonry surfaces such as plaster, stucco, brick, concrete, etc., where mildew may occur.
  • • PROPERTIES: Fungicide and anti mold. It is a painting based on a stable dispersion of pigments in an acrylic resin emulsion film. Once dry, it gets an excellent water resistance, opacity, whiteness and adhesion.
    • FONDIAQUA - 555
      • • DEFINITION: It is a mono component varnish, based on acrylic copolymer in aqueous dispersion of physical and thermal drying that provides excellent water resistance film and good repaints as well as large sanding.
    • • USE: As base for treatment of wood parquet in Indoor Sports Facilities.
    • • PROPERTIES: Great covering power and the basis for later apply BARNIAQUA-692. Nontoxic. Not flammable. It not gives off odor.
      • LYMUSE – 125 FIREPROOF
        • • DEFINITION: It is a fast drying anticorrosive primer, developed based on pure zinc phosphate in combination with special synthetic resins, corrosion inhibitors pigments and suitable extenders.
      • • USE: It is base as a primer for intumescent fire retardants treatment systems. As an antioxidant for iron and steel surfaces, structural profiles, machinery, equipment and boiler-maker. It is suitable in rural or industrial environment. It can be used as link layer between old paints and high performance systems (Chlorinated Rubber, epoxy, polyurethane, etc.).
      • • PROPERTIES: Excellent anticorrosion protection. It has very good covering, quick drying and hardening. Compatible with most paint systems. Chance of repainting on our Primers: Oxipol-100, Margon, Terfón-150, etc.. After drying for 6 to 8 hours can be repainted with alkyd and chlorinated rubber systems. After 24 hours, with coatings of two components: epoxies, polyurethanes, etc.
        • ESMALHONGOS – 646
          • • DEFINITION: Polyurethane Acrylic Enamel of two components, catalyzed with pure aliphatic isocyanate for maximum outside protection, to prevent yellowing and also eliminate fungus.
        • • USE: As a termination layer of polyurethane process. It is especially suitable for antifungal treatment in its widest range. To protect elements exposed to weather, industrial atmospheres, marine environment, aggressive environments, oil spills, solvents, acids and alkalis, walls of concrete, cement, asbestos cement, and so on.
        • • PROPERTIES: Excellent weather resistance without brightness loss. It has high mechanical, abrasion and environment resistance, and excellent resistance to chemicals, fungus, humidity, etc.
          • I. T. P. - 112
            • • DEFINITION: Special coats based on anticorrosive pigments and vinyl resins modified mixture.
          • • USE: As a workshop priming for general use, serving as a basis for further treatments with vinyl finishes
          • • PROPERTIES: Fast drying, enabling workshop parts agile handling. It has excellent anchorage on all kinds of support and high anti-corrosion power, allowing the outside storage of parts for several months before being used. Perfectly tolerate welding aggression.
  • ISO9001:2008

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