PA Reinforcing by glass fiber

PA Reinforcing by glass fiber

Twin screw extruder for Engineering alloy and GF reinforcing

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We supply Co-rotating parallel twin screws extruder for PA/PBT/PC compounding with flame retardants and up to 30% chipped/long Glass Fiber, PC/ABS alloy, PP/PA alloy, PC/PB alloy, ABS color masterbatch.
Salient Features of co-rotating twin screw extruder SAT52 :
1) Main motor 90kw, L/D=40;
2) One venting port and one vacuum port;
3) Screw rpm: 60-600rpm;
4) The output capacity: 300~400kg/h;
5) One mixer, one main feeder and one side feeder;
6) One soft water cooling system and one vacuum system;
7) Strand cutting unit with water bath, air blower, pelletizier and classifier;
8) One control panel.
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