Single Screw Extruder

Product ID: Plastic Extruder

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SJ Series Single Screw Extruder can be widely used in the process of polyolefin pipe and used for making thermo-plastics such as PVC, PP-R, PE, PEX, PP, ABS, etc,
  • suitable for PE,HDPE,LDPE
    • It can be use to produce PE,LDPE and HDPE pipes when L/D is 30:1
  • cheap
    • cheaper than twin screw extruder
  • as a granlator
    • It is also used as a granlator when some devices are installed on it.
  • usually suitable for granules
    • It is always suitable for plastic granules.If raw material is powder,it is better to choose twin screw extruder.

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