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It is used to display and sell all kinds of frozen foods, ice cream, the marine products and so on, when the temperature is -18~-21℃.
Two basic specifications: 2500mm and 3750mm. Can be jointed together to suit your length requirements. Head showcase can be selected and equipped.
  • display refrigeration
    • 1.The asymmetry structure of vortex cooling air curtain is used, the refrigeration effect is uniform,so that solve the problem of frosting blockage.
  • 2. The high efficiency evaporator and the imported heating expansion valve are used, so than cut down the time of defrosting, reduce the energy consumption.
  • 3. The rust protection and preservative treatment is conducted for all components. The aluminum alloy is treated by frost and oxidation. The static spray finishing is used for outer of some parts.
  • 4. The blind cover and curtain can be chose, so that save energy and guarantee the health of food.
  • 5. The shelf can be chose, so that the goods is delayed in parallel, optimize the supermarket environment, to speed up the purchase of goods.
  • 6. The running condition of goods can be monitored by computer in real time.
    • contact person: Fanny Wang

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