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The new favorite in fishing industry - Intelligent Electronic Fishing Float ~ Fishing Expert

Have you ever envious of other people with superior fishing techniques? Have you ever unhappy about yourselves when you came home empty handed after a fishing trip?

Have you ever unsure about the correct timing to retreat your fishing line? And, you missed the greatest opportunity to make a catch of a big fish.

For now on, fishing will be extremely simple for you! Anytime and anywhere, you can catch fish easily. You will have a better fishing technique then anyone else. You will be happy to bring your catch back home!

Seven major functions:
˙ Intelligent electronic fishing float, IC program controlled for precision monitoring of fishing information.
˙ High sensitivity design. Automatically notify fish information. Easily enjoys the fun of fishing.
˙ Innovated design. During high waves, float may be hung at the end of the fishing pole. It can monitor fishing information with precision as usual.
˙ High brightness LED. Visual recognition distance is around 100 meters. Good to be used during poor weather or poor lighting conditions.
˙ Equipped with energy saving feature, may be used continuously for 16 hours.
˙ May be used for river fishing/pond fishing/shore fishing/deep-sea fishing etc. areas.
˙ Fully enclosed impact resistance structure, safe and durable, please gave a peace of mind.
  • Fishing Expert
    • The new favorite in fishing industry - Intelligent Electronic Fishing Float
.Seven major functions

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