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This is a kind of metal sheet bending machine(Hydraulic press brake):
1. The frame is steel-welded construction, vibrating to eliminate stress,with high strength and good rigidity;
2. Forcing-torsion shaft maintains the synchronization of both cylinders with high precision;
3. Mechanic stop nuts ensure stable and reliable positioning accuracy;
4. The ram is driven by hydraulic system with two cylinders.Working pressure could be adjusted stepless;
5. A gear pump is used to reduce the noise of the machine,which can achieve the environmental;
6. The stroke of ram and backgauge could be adjusted through motor;Also it can be adjusted by handwheel for fine position;The value of adjusted can be displayed by digital display;
7. Main sliding parts such as cylinders,piston rod,guide way,are all treated with wear-resistance;
8. There are slanting wedges(compensation units) installed on the top of tools,which can be adjusted by hand to meet the accuracy requirements of work piece;
9. Deflection compensation unit is adopted under worktable for the machine above 250 tons;
10. Protective fence , the safety interlocker and emergency stop to ensure the operation safety.

Optional element:
Any tailor-made are available on request.
.WC67Y Series
  • steel-welded construction
  • Mechanic stop nuts
  • a gear pump
  • Protective fence
  • slanting wedges
  • ISO9001:2000

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