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Fineir enables touch screen option for flat-panel TVs, projector screens, monitors. Fineir touchscreens use an array of photodiodes on two adjacent screen edges with corresponding photo sensors on the opposite edges. These diode/sensor pairs establish an optical grid across the screen. Any object that touches the screen breaks the optical-grid lines that cross the touch point, causing drops in the corresponding sensor-output signals. These drops indicate the touch-point coordinates. Rather than simultaneously establishing all grid lines, IR screen controllers typically scan through the array.

The primary advantages of IR touchscreens are their clarity and immunity to drift. The LED and sensor arrays of an IR touchscreen need no substrate, so the touchscreen doesn't place anything between the display and the user that might reduce the display's brightness. Further, because the array forms a stationary optical grid, the touch-point positioning cannot drift. These advantages may outweigh IR's limitations in many applications.

Fineir Technology is a Hong Kong based professional IR touch screen manufacturer. Fineir has developed a high precision touch screen system that allows you to easily convert your existing LCD or Plasma TV into a touch system in low cost.

These innovative touch screen designs are available in an extremely wide range of sizes. Fineir technology can produce them in sizes from 6 inches to 200 inches, thus ensuring that the touch screen can meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. Fineir touch screen bezel is made of aluminum with charcoal black coating surface, by using IR optical sensors on top of a tempered glass touch overlay is an ideal method optimized for a superior optical clarity to preserve the original image quality. Fineir next-generation design has a advanced technology that featuring a very low-profile bezel in 11.5 mm thickness including the 3mm glass overlay, and with a narrow frame boarder in 30mm wide for touch screen size from 24" to 52".
  • 6" - 200"
  • Input Method: Finger or gloved hand
  • Touch Accuracy : >4096x4096.
  • Touch Object Size>2.5mm.
  • High Precision
  • Intellegent object recognition
  • Super Slim Design
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Advanced IR Technology
  • CE
  • ROHS
  • FCC

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