Fingerprint Hard Disk Drive Enclosure

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"Fingerzen" fingerprint portable hard disk is a perfect integration of portable storage and biometric identification technology.

The fingerprint of human is feature which exclusiveness and doesn't need to be remembered, the user of the device can replace the passwords with his own fingerprint, and integrate with the technology of authentication and encryption, it can protect the data safely in the Hard Disk in computer.

As a large-capacity data storage tool, the hard disk is used for storing large quantities of data and files. This product, integrating the new-generation slide-type fingerprint reader and world top-class algorithm for fingerprint identification and incorporating the high-strength AES-256 encryption algorithm, it can slit a fingerprint encrypted partition in the hard disk that is used to save the private data of the user safely. Liberating yourself from the inconvenience of memorization and inputting of so many long annoying passwords for different webs and Emails, this fingerprint portable hard disk can remember all these information and you can login the webs and Emails automatically by just sliding your registered fingerprint.So the "Fingerzen" fingerprint portable hard-disk is a real sense of personal hard disk.

Main Functions:

1) Encrypt and protect hard disk partition by fingerprint: the user can create a hardware-encrypted disk partition in the hard disk,only the visitor whose fingerprint is matched can visit this encrypted partition.

2) Automatic web login: This function is used to save the URL accounts and passwords, such as the user's mail ID and password. When these URLs are opened, what the user to do is to slide his finger on the fingerprint sensor, the system will automatically fill in and authenticate his accounts and passwords. This eliminates the inconvenience of repeated inputs and the user does not need to remember so many annoying accounts and passwords.

Specifications & Features:

1. Lifetime of fingerprint identification sensor: more than 1 million times of finger sliding

2. Working current

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