Fingerprint Flash Memory Pen Drive Stick 2G

Product ID: Pen Drive

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Main Functions:

1. File encryption: Only the authenticated finger sliding and the fingerprint information is matched can open the encrypted files.

2. It will keep your data safe without any unauthorized reading, alteration and deletion.

3. Automatic web login:Save the accounts and passwords key-in on Web surfing or email login by fingerprint information.This feature releases the users from repeatitively key-in or remembering many annoying ID and passwords.It will remember and key-in your ID and password information automatically by fingerprint identification next time you turn into these web pages.

4. It keeps your account safe and no trace information about your account left on the web page;it release you from remembering so many annoying ID and passwords.

1. Built-in sliding fingerprint sensor, Bearing more than 1 million times of finger sliding
2. USB2.0 port interface to PC,compatible with USB1.1
3. Resolution: 500dpi; 192 x 16 pixels
4. Finger pattern verifying time:
  • Features:
    • Features:
  • 1. Driverless- All integrated into flash provide high convenience when user use this device. It is true portable secure device.
  • 2. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 Bit key. Using state-of-the-art encryption technology, all data written to the secure partition is seamlessly encrypted using the AES256 bit key.
  • 3. Industry leading fingerprint sensing technology provides high accuracy and speed of scanning fingerprint images.
  • 4. File encryption without any tag on the file,it seems the same as the file which is not encrypted,but it only can be opened,read or modified with the owner's registered fingerprint information.
  • 5. Up to 10 fingerprint templates can be registered.
  • 6. Elegant stainless steel cover in rotatable design,full protection of your USB flash drive.

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