DYFG Series Pipe Crusher

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Features:DYFG series pipe crushers are specially designed for crushing large diameter and big wall thickness PE,PP-R pipes. Adopting the milling principle in the crushing procedure ,the crusher can solve the problems of flexible and difficult in cutting of PE, PP-R pipes. The plastic chips and small size pipes can be delivered by the conveyer system to another crusher, and the granulors crushed by the other crusher are easy to be recycled and extrusion.
  • Technical parameter
    • Model (mm) Power of main motor Haul-off power Gyration diameter Conveyer Crusher
  • DYFG450 Ø250-Ø450 18 4 Ø700 DY400 DYPS560
  • DYFG630 Ø280-Ø630 22 5 Ø700 DY400 DYPS700
  • DYFG800 Ø280-Ø800 37 5.5 Ø700 DY400 DYPS700