Exhaust Bellow

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1)The main body is made of SS 202, SS 304 (the thickness is 0.3mm).
2)The major body has middle double layers bellow(0.3x2=0.6mm).
3)The braid is knitted by SS 202, SS 304 wires(the thickness is 0.4mm).
4)The braid is composed with 12 unit wires.
5)The Caps are Aluminized steel trumpet Cap(thickness is 1.2mm).
6)The extension pipes are the Aluminum steel pipe(thickness is 1.5mm), each one is 51mm, two are 102mm.
7)Other Sizes and Specifications are available on request.

Instruction: B refer to only with outer braid(no inner braid no extension tube)
IB refer to with outer and inner braid(no extension tube)
N refer to with outer braid and Aluminized extension tube(no inner braid)
IN refer to with outer & inner braid, aslo with Aluminized extension tube

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